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Wild Fury Slot Demo: Review, Features, Bonus 2022

This article will discuss Wild Fury Slot Demo and also a full review. Apart from playing the original game, Wild Fury Slot is also available in free mode.

Are you prepared to take part in the ultimate slot game? 

With five reels, ten paylines, and a minimum bet wager of 0.10, IGT’s Wild Fury slot demo and real game is a bonus-laden game for those looking to win big. Wild Fury is in a class of its own, combining classic gaming images with a contemporary twist to create an intriguing slot game with a free spin round, a guaranteed five-level jackpot win, and Stacked Wilds. 

Your favorite land-based casino game has just been optimized for mobile play, so get ready to play with fire, keep your cool, and unleash the fury.

Wild Fury Slot Demo: Review

Wild Fury Slot Demo


Wild Fury is a medium-volatility game, which means you can expect to win frequently and earn a decent amount of money. The payout frequency and risk level of a game are referred to as game volatility. 

Low-volatility games have more frequent wins, but the payouts are frequently much lower. High volatility means you’ll have the chance to claim fantastically generous rewards as you play, but they’ll appear less frequently than in a low-variance game. 

With high-volatility games, you can get multiple big wins in a row, but they require a lot of patience because the infrequency of winnings can result in dry spells – even though they typically justify the big wins at the end.

RTP (Return to Player)

The RTP (return to player) payout ratio for IGT’s Wild Fury is 94.81%, which is a little below the sector average.

The payout percentage number indicates that on average, players can expect to win back 94.81% of their total wagers. For example, if you bet $100 on this game, you can expect to win 94.81. Of course, this is an average percentage, which means that while some players may win big, others will not receive the average payout at all. 

The results of a single game session can deviate significantly from the long-term expected average. The expected RTP payback depicts the theoretical return over a large number of plays by a large number of players over a long period of time.

Visuals and Themes Wild Fury

Source from situs judi slot online, Wild Fury’s main screen has a bright blue background with a honeycomb pattern, a dragon silhouette, the red and blue Wild Fury flaming emblem, and a distinct 90s skater/Hot Wheels-inspired theme. 

The theme continues on the game screen, where the brightly colored icons combine classic playing card symbols with cool flaming dragon-themed symbols and animations. When certain combinations are met, a blue or gold dragon animation will fly around the screen.

There’s also an opposing forces theme, with the inspiration appearing to be hot and cold – there are a lot of shiny ice-blue symbols and fiery orange ones. The art has a lot of geometric patterns and a 3D effect on most of the features and symbols, which really makes this game stand out. 

Even when you are not playing, things twinkle and shimmer to catch your eye. There is also constant movement from animations. This game’s 3D style is very hypnotic and similar to titles like Starburst free slots online.

Features & Bonus Free Spins

Wild Fury slot demo has dozens of consecutive Wild symbols on its reels, as well as the chance to win one of five jackpots of varying levels and values. 

The most popular feature is Stacked Wilds, which gives you even more chances to collect and save your Wild symbols in order to increase the jackpot’s overall value. The Wild symbol, with the exception of the scatter, can replace any other symbol. When eight or more Wilds appear on a single spin, the fiery dragons of fury are unleashed!

The Free Spins Bonus games are also triggered when three Bonus scatter symbols appear anywhere on the center reels. These scatter symbols can only appear on reels 2, 3, and 4, and when they do, a single wheel spin determines the number of free spins awarded. 

Spin the wheel of fortune to win up to 20 free spins or more. During the bonus spins, keep an eye out for the Level Up multiplier symbols, which can increase the jackpot values even further. Spin the wheel of fortune to win up to 20 free spins or more.

There is also a jackpot bonus special feature that appears during the free spins bonus round. When a free game begins, any wild symbols that appear on the reels are automatically collected, and when the free spins are up, the total number of wild symbols collected is displayed compared to the jackpot thresholds. For example, if you have 100 or more Wild symbols, the starting value of your jackpot is around 2000.

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