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Sword of Ares Slot Demo: Theme, RTP & Volatility

One of Pragmatic Play’s newest slots, the Sword of Ares slot demo, launched on November 13, 2022. You can learn more about this video slot in general as well as its important features, including its RTP rate, volatility level, maximum win, and other details, in this review. Furthermore, the demo version of this game will be available for you to try out. Additionally, we’ll include the casinos where you may play this game for real cash.

Sword of Ares’s Theme

You will enjoy the atmosphere of the old world showing how the ancient civilizations lived in the game, in this case. The myths and mystery elements of existence are present in the game. Ares, the son of Zeus, Hera, and the Greek god of war, will be introduced to you here. Ares, the main character, is shown hanging around directly next to the reels in a cloudy area that frequently has a mystical and dreamlike look. There are a lot of purple and gold colors involved, and the overall aesthetic is pleasing to the eye.

Let’s examine the symbols used in the game in more detail.

  • High-paying and low-paying symbols – Undoubtedly, this game has both high-paying and low-paying symbols. A purple diamond has the lowest payout while the Scatter symbol has the highest payout.
  • Scatter symbols – They appear on every reel, start the bonus round, and pay in every position.
  • Bomb symbols – Bomb symbols come in four different types and can appear on any reel. When one of these symbols appears, it stays there until there are no more winning combinations.

Sword of Ares’s RTP and Volatility

The slot game is a high volatility slot with a 96.40% RTP rate.

Volatility is really just a definition of how frequently you will win and how much you will win each time. As a result, the game is a very volatile slot. This means that while you will experience a lot of dead spins, the value of a winning combination will always be high. RTP is a theoretical percentage that indicates how much you can expect to win from your bet. For example, you might theoretically receive up to €96.40 for every €100 bet.

Sword of Ares’s Max Win

10,000 times your bet is the most you can win in Sword of Ares.

As you can see, there is a large winning potential of up to 10,000 times your initial bet. You must utilize every aspect that Sword of Ares has to offer in order to bring it to life. The winning Scatter symbol combinations, multipliers, and free spins must therefore be obtained. 

The Buy Free Spins feature is available if you don’t want to wait for the free spins to appear. Therefore, you will be able to achieve the most wins if you are capable of combining all these things while playing. For a change of pace, try the Centurion Slot.

Sword of Ares Slot Demo

You have another choice if you’re unsure whether it’s time to start playing Sword of Ares for real money. You can try out the demo play version for nothing; there is no cost or investment on your part. Furthermore, it’s the best approach to become familiar with the UI and other features as well as the rules.

Overall Review

A 6×5 layout and a number of features, including free spins, the Buy Free Spins feature, scatter symbols, the multiplier collection, and a range of both low-paying and high-paying symbols, are present in the well-made and quickly-performing slot game. Although significant volatility may make you unhappy, remember that when a winning combination does happen, its value is typically very high.

Furthermore, you’ll probably be pleased with the graphics and the best chance of winning. Find the perfect online slot for you with our detailed and honest reviews at Best of luck!

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