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Gorilla Madness Slot Demo Review: Looks and All Explanations

The Gorilla Madness slot demo from provider Light & Wonder features 5 columns and 3 rows in a primeval natural landscape where the volcano rages easily and the magma never sleeps. You play it with dinosaurs and gorillas, and 243 winning combinations. Thanks to the Golden Scatter, you can launch 10 renewable free spins. 

Thanks to the Wild, it is rather a jackpot that you can win. The latter can reach a value equivalent to 2,222 times the initial bet by choosing the right boxes. The maximum potential win of the Gorilla Madness slot machine is equal to 2,761 times the original bet. The minimum bet here is set at €0.18, while the maximum bet is €88 per spin.

Gorilla Madness Slot Demo Looks – Enjoy Yourself In A Natural Landscape

Why did the Light & Wonder developers think of this title? In the Gorilla Madness slot machine, nature welcomes you. The game grid is outside, and in the background, you can see a horizon of green plants, under a slightly cloudy blue sky. 

The nature of Gorilla Madness is still in flux. There are raised chunks of land, certainly sectioned by intensely superheated lava that bubbles up, like a river, below the game grid. In places across the landscape, this lava has already reached record pressures. 

An erupting volcano shoots lava and unidentified projectiles at high speed into the wild. At night, the scenery is even more spectacular, as glowing lava emits light throughout the forest, including the walls of this slot’s frame.

How to Play Gorilla Madness Slot Demo

The game grid of Gorilla Madness is a construction of stones. Each side actually corresponds to a rocky beam on which century-old plants meander merrily, as at the beginning when mother nature had all the rights over everything. 

This is the spirit of this slot machine. In the game board, the symbolism is composed of the poker suite J, K, Q, 10, and the Ace card in the form of a rough diamond piece. 

There are also the following wild animals: a very feminine guenon, a green dinosaur, a blue-horned dinosaur, and a red dinosaur of the reptilian type. The Scatter is represented by a golden figure in the image of a gorilla. The Wild is represented by the head of a nervous-faced gorilla.

Gorilla Madness Slot Demo: Free Spins and Jackpots

The Gorilla Madness free casino game features 5 columns split by 3 rows with 243 paylines. Volatility is relatively high, with an equally mixed payout rate that can be 96%, 94%, or 90%. The minimum bet here is set at 0.18 euros, while the maximum bet stops at 88 euros per spin. By engaging in the game, you will have the opportunity to land the maximum potential win equal to 2,761 times the original bet.

Dinosaurs can pay up to 4.5 times the original bet. While the gorillas, including the woman, can pay up to 11.3 times the initial bet. The Scatter is on another level and pays between 5 and 50 times the initial bet. To increase your chances, there is the Wild, a symbol capable of replacing any symbol, including the Scatter.

But if you collect 3 or more Scatters, you will trigger free spins. 3, 4, or even 5 coins trigger 10 free spins during which only the highest paying symbols are allowed into the game board. You can trigger a wave of additional free spins even when free spins are already in progress. You can also trigger the Jackpot Game and win prizes. If you really looking for a new slot game to play? Check out the Cyberslot Megacluster.

The Game jackpot is triggered by chance when at least one Wild is visible in the game grid. From then on, Gorilla Madness requires you to choose from 12 pieces. The goal here is to select 3 pieces with the same symbol. There are 4 jackpots:

  • The Mini which is worth 27 times the initial bet;
  • There is the Minor which is worth 44 times the bet;
  • There is the Major which is worth 833 times the bet;
  • And the Grand Jackpot which pays out 2,222 times the original bet.

Lastly, have you heard about the latest slot games? Check out our review articles at Good luck and have fun!

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