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Chandelier Lyrics Meaning by Sia MP3Juice Download

Chandelier lyrics meaning actually have a deep meaning. Sia has had some commercial success in the past, but this song has gone viral and is in the top ten of the Billboard 100.

We’ve been debating whether or not to publish this, and we think now is a good time because we expect this music to be played as some sort of uplifting dance tune on many speakers tonight at New Year’s Eve celebrations.

Because of the nuanced depth of her lyrics and the intricate tonal and harmonic qualities of her music, Sia has had the most success in independent scenes in the past. On the surface, this song appears to be at odds with history, with a solely pop appeal.

Chandelier Lyrics Meaning by Sia

Let’s begin with why we believe the song went viral in the first place. When you ask someone for the lyrics, they are likely to remember simply the chorus.

Chandelier Lyrics Meaning

1. The Chorus

The majority of these lyrics have a positive tone to them.

  • Make the most of every chance to experience life to the fullest.
  • Go out and have some fun.
  • Experiment with activities that are outside of your comfort zone.
  • Take advantage of the opportunity.

The soaring melody and general pleasant vibes of pop music support this feeling.

However, you’ll notice that the lyrics already hint at sadness. This part, “I’m going to live like tomorrow doesn’t exist” has two interpretations. It could be a sign of immaturity (like swinging from a chandelier). Because it is repeated, it can also be understood more literally.

She has cause to believe that tomorrow will not exist for her. Her tears are drying, which is another early sign of sadness. She has been sobbing.

2. The Sadness Lyrics

The verse lyrics fly so quickly and are often overlooked. The song’s start already gives away that it isn’t as upbeat as it would seem:

There’s a suggestion that the main character is a party girl or maybe a prostitute. When we first presented this interpretation, we were aware that some people protested. However, “for a good time call” is the exact term used to denote sex work.

This serves as a secondary confirmation that she’s proposing someone for sex. We completely acknowledge that this does not necessarily imply that she is a sex worker. This is one interpretation backed by the verse’s exceedingly detailed phrasing.

She shows herself as constantly having a good time, as if she is always cheerful and cannot be harmed. She has created such a barrier that she is unable to feel anything. She suppresses her negative emotions.

“1, 2, 3, 1, 2, 3, drink/Throw ’em back ’til I lose count,” says the next section. This girl uses alcohol to numb her feelings in a very bad way. She gives the impression of going out and having a good time, yet she is depressed and likely uses alcohol to numb her feelings.

3. The Other Chorus

Now there’s a double meaning to swinging from the chandelier. It’s not a metaphor for living a wild, unfettered life to the fullest. It appears to be a symbol of impending disaster here. She’s clinging to life by a thread. She is incapable of looking at what she is doing.

On the one hand, it could indicate that she’s clinging to life for the time being. She’ll get over it. The more frightening reading is that she’ll only be able to hold on until tonight.

She will let go of death once the night is gone. If we recall the references to alcohol, it’s probable she’s attempting to overdose.

As a cry for help, she’s swinging from the chandelier. People do not consider alcohol to be a hazardous drug, but it kills people all the time. At the end of the song, Sia repeats the phrase “I’m just holding on for tonight” over and over, implying a darker interpretation.

Chandelier lyrics meaning have a deep concept. You can feel and enjoy this song on many platforms and mp3 juice

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